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  • Autism Frequently Asked Questions
    What this FAQ memo is and what it isn't The nature and treatment of Autism remains sufficiently controversial that in order for a FAQ memo to avoid giving you just one viewpoint, it cannot answer the difficult question: "which treatment really works". And the FAQ memo certainly doesn't give medical advice. What a FAQ memo does is document facts such as definition of terms, references to books, organizations, and treatment programs, even "who is saying what about what"; essentially, background material both to help you understand what is being said in the online discussions, in books, in talking with professionals, and in understanding what people are saying when they tell you about the best methods. The FAQ memo avoids making judgements about treatments (with one big exception: it gives no credence to the idea popular in the 1950s that Autism is caused by poor parenting), but this in itself skews its
    (Added: Fri Jun 15 2001)