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  • Hearing Exchange
    An online community for the exchange of ideas and information on hearing loss. No matter what method of communication you have chosen, you'll find interesting and supportive information.
    (Added: Tue Apr 30 2002)
  • Promenade 'round the Cochlea
    The aim of this regularly updated site is to assist the teaching of the auditory system (its anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology) to medical and biology students. It may be used as well for Continuing Medical Education programs. This first version mainly addresses our current knowledge on the peripheral end organ: the cochlea.
    (Added: Thu May 02 2002)
  • Raising Deaf Kids
    This website has a lot of information about children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Most of the information is about helping parents understand their child's deafness and showing them how to help their child succeed. There is a large section on children who are deaf and have other disabilities. This site is also translated into Spanish at http://www.raisingdeafkids.org/spanish/.
    (Added: Tue May 18 2004)