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Special Education Articles: Learning Disabled Articles: The Words We Speak to Our Children

The Words We Speak to Our Children
Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., Educational Therapist, Learning Disabilities Specialist
Director of Bonnie Terry Learning, Auburn, CA (530) 888-7160

The Words you speak to your children are so important! Are you giving your children the 'can do spirit' or are you giving them excuses? Are your words those of encouragement or of discouragement? When you look at your children's work, do you say, "you did a good job," or do you say, "You aren't trying hard enough." Do you offer constructive criticism such as "You might want to add ________ to make it better, or maybe you could rearrange the sentences in your paragraph and it will read more smoothly." Do you say, "Your writing is sloppy," or do you say, "I know you can write much neater, you have it in you to do such a nice job." Listen to the words you use when speaking to your children. Turn the negative statements around into positive statements. Consider your word choices when choosing the words you use to speak to your children. When you consciously decide to use positive statements you show your children you believe in their abilities, and thereby your children learn to believe in their own abilities.

All children can learn. Yes, all children can learn, whether they have ADD, ADHD, a learning disability, or a physical handicap. Part of what we as parents need to do is to empower our children so they know down to their bones that they can do it, they can learn, they can do better. It may be hard, but they can do it. In addition to giving the word to our children, we owe it to them to give them the tools they need to make learning easy. There are two reference guides available to help students with their schoolwork. The Writer's Easy Reference Guide helps students with writing a paragraph, essay, book report, and bibliography. The BT Easy Math Reference Guide contains step-by-step instruction for all grade levels of elementary and middle school math. These reference guides and other teacher created materials are available at www.bonnieterrylearning.com. Free catalog and sampler book: (530) 888-7160 or bt@bonnieterrylearning.com

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