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Video Teaching

By Debbie Bleeck-Imming and Sharla Pitzen

Video teaching promotes learning through the use of audio and visual techniques that will supplement a child's education both at school and home. Videos capture their interest by utilizing a desired activity that can enhance the achievement of goals and objectives. Desired skills can be learned or reinforced by repeated viewings of the video, which increases the likeliness of skill retention.

Video teaching is an independent learning experience without drills or one-to-one instruction. Your child will be able to watch the video as often as they like, increasing the likelihood of skill mastery. Children progress at their own pace without external pressure or demands. Watching realistic, motivating, and entertaining videos promotes increased attention and generalization.

Choosing the appropriate teaching video is very important. Be sure the videos target specific goals and objectives that are appropriate for your child or student's development. In addition, verify that the content is presented in a highly stimulating and entertaining fashion using a variety of settings. Look for the utilization of high interest themes, mascots, music, and teaching strategies that will engage your child in the video. What could be more perfect than to give your little one "additional learning" and fun at the same time? When chosen wisely, video teaching can truly be a "Golden Educational Opportunity!"


Sharla Pitzen
Sharla Pitzen, President and Founder, launched Autism Social Videos & More in January 2001. Her vision for the venture was to provide parents and teachers of children ages 2-8 an enjoyable alternative to teaching social skills to their children and students. Through her many years of teaching, Mrs. Pitzen recognized a need and the appropriate media for developing social skills of children with the use of songs and instruction on videos that are both educational and entertaining. Mrs. Pitzen has dedicated the past 20 years to helping children with special needs. Autism Social Videos & More is another example of her dream to provide supportive instruction to enhance the lives of children from all walks of life.

At Autism Social Videos & More, Mrs. Pitzen is responsible for overseeing the introduction, development and production of all educational materials. Mrs. Pitzen’s enthusiasm, energy and knowledge for teaching all types of children are brought to life in the videos.

Currently Mrs. Pitzen is a Program Specialist overseeing the Autism programs for the Capistrano Unified School District of California. She has been instrumental in utilizing her teaching skills and knowledge of Autism in developing programs and supporting classrooms specifically to meet the needs of all children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mrs. Pitzen is trained and well versed in, such modern techniques of teaching autistic children as, TEACCH, PECS, PRT, Floortime, Skillstreaming, Social Stories, and Intensive Behavioral Instruction (i.e. DTT, ABA).

Prior to joining Capistrano Unified School District, Mrs. Pitzen spent six years teaching grades K-5 of children with severe mental and physical disabilities in the La Mesa Spring Valley School District. She developed a teaching program and curriculum that was adopted and mirrored in many classrooms throughout Southern California. It was this type of innovation and enthusiasm for the job that earned her Teacher of the Year honors for the East County SELPA.

Mrs. Pitzen received her Masters of Science in Special Education from National University, San Diego. Her thesis was titled Discrete Trial Training: A Behavioral Intervention for Autistic Children. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from National University, San Diego. Currently she holds credentials for teaching multiple subjects for regular education and special education.

Debbie Bleeck-Imming
Debbie Bleeck-Imming, Vice President, joined Autism Social Videos & More as a result of her long friendship with the Founder Sharla Pitzen. Her 25 years experience in the field of special education was a perfect compliment to Mrs. Pitzen’s vision. Her emphasis throughout her teaching career has been "inclusion" and teaching through exciting and engaging music activities. Creating educational and entertaining music and videos has been a lifetime dream.

Mrs. Bleeck-Imming currently teaches a “fully-included” kindergarten and preschool classroom in La Mesa Spring Valley School District. The program serves children with a wide variety of disabilities along with typically developing peers. In 1997 and 1998, she received the honor of representing her school district in an intensive two year training program in Autism. The "Institute for Children" was sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Education, University of San Diego, and San Diego State University. The program was presented by the most significant leaders in the field of autism in the country, and covered the most current and up-to-date strategies and methodologies. It was during this time that she developed her interest and expertise in working with Autistic children.

Mrs. Bleeck-Imming has written and received several grants from the California State Department of Education, developed curriculum for the LMSV Special Education Department, and has been the recipient of the East San Diego County Teacher Recognition Award of Excellence, Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Bleeck-Imming has also been a foster parent to a child with Down Syndrome.

Mrs. Bleeck-Imming holds a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Visual Motor Development from National University and a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and Social Science from San Diego State University. She did graduate work abroad in Sweden, Denmark and Holland in Special Education through the University of Wisconsin and taught in Hawaii on a teacher exchange program.

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