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Inspirational Poem - A Gift From Heaven

Author: Gail Lindsay - 1996

A Gift From Heaven
He was different than the others
he needed extra care,
so God sent him special parents
to watch while he was there.

They loved him more than life itself,
but sometimes wondered why
God had sent this special child to them
from heaven up on high.

He's a gift from up above,
sent from heaven just to share your love.
You have the kind of spirit he'll need, you see
he's a gift from heaven, from heaven above.

This child God has sent to you,
because you are special too.
You have the kind of spirit
he will need to see him through.

Not just anyone could raise this child
the way God would want them to.
He's counting on you to do
the best that you can do.

God will help you all along the way,
he'll never leave your side.
He's watching you and smiling
in heaven up on high.


Gail Lindsay is a Registered Nurse whose background is in Pediatric Nursing. In the summer of 1996 she was introduced to the autistic son of a friend who she had attended nursing school with in New York. That night, after having spent the evening with them at Disneyland and seeing the bond of love between them, this poem came to her. She had never written poetry before but has written over 50 poems since. Most of the poems were written for special people and special occasions including weddings, new babies, baptism, special teachers and day care providers. Each poem speaks to the heart and is sure to make you laugh and cry.

An 8x10 framed (choose white, oak or brown) poem is available for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Poems can be personalized with names and special dates for special occasions. Each poem is personally printed, framed and shipped by the author. Signed copies are available upon request. The Poetry Collection booklet is available for $8.00. Send your order request to NurseQM@aol.com. Include your name and address. Your order will be confirmed with shipping price and shipped upon receipt of check or money order.

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