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  • Child Management Principles from Coping.org
    Welcome to Coping.org! We are the home of the Tools for Coping Series - Onsite Manuals for Coping with a Variety of Life's Stressors, authored by: James J. Messina, Ph.D., & Constance M. Messina, Ph.D.
    (Added: Sun Jul 08 2001)
  • Developmental Progress Chart
    This chart gives general milestones in a child's development. The information below lets you know what to expect. It will help you record your child's progress. It is from the U.S. Dept. of Education.
    (Added: Sat Jun 23 2001)
  • How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?
    Every child is unique and has an individual rate of development. This chart represents, on average, the age by which most children will accomplish the listed skills. Children typically do not master all items in a category until they reach the upper age in each age range.
    (Added: Tue Jul 10 2001)
  • Keiki `O Hawai`i
    Aloha! The Keiki 'O Hawai'i is intended to be a resource directory for parents of young children. Please refer to the following issues to answer some parenting questions you may have.
    (Added: Sun Jul 08 2001)
  • Warning Signs
    It is very common for anxious parents to wonder if some of their child's more unusual habits or interests are "just him," "something she'll grow out of," or a symptom of a more serious problem. Because many of the early signs of communication and learning disorders are recognizable in children as young as 12-months-old, it helps to know what behavior may, in fact, indicate a problem. From the Unicorn Foundation
    (Added: Sun Jul 08 2001)