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  • Clothing Modifications for People with Special Needs
    Caring for children with special needs requires much patience, love and energy. Finding clothing that fits your child with his/her special needs can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. You also want your child to feel as independent as possible as they mature but not have their clothing needs make them feel out of place with other children. Why not spend more of your quality time with your child rather than looking endlessly for clothing to fit?
    (Added: Wed Jul 18 2001)
  • How to Choose the Correct Shoes
    Authors: Dr. Ronald French, Dr. Lloyd Kinnison, Dr. Lisa M. Silliman-French. The purposes of this article are to discuss what is appropriate footwear, some common foot disorders, rational for not sharing shoes and socks for physical activity programs at school or in community settings, and considerations for purchase of shoes.
    (Added: Tue Sep 18 2001)
  • Stages Theatre Arts Program
    "He quits every group he joins." "I tried girl scouts and dance but she didn't fit in." "There's karate, but he gets teased." As the parent comments show, it is often difficult to find an after-school program that will meet the needs of a special needs child as well as allow him or her to participate in a creative group experience. Perhaps now there is a place!
    (Added: Tue Sep 18 2001)