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  • Alphabet Animals
    Colorful animals in each letter of the alphabet from infostuff.com. Have your child tell you what letter each animal begins with.
    (Added: Fri Jun 15 2001)
  • Animated Picture Book by Live and Learn
    Opposites-5 pictures good for improving reading and language skills. Try to do the opposites in real life after viewing the pictures. For example, make the airplane go up and then down, make the car go fast and then slow etc.
    (Added: Mon Jun 18 2001)
  • Colors And Reading Game by Live and Learn
    Have your child read the color word if possible and click on the correct color box. If your child can not read, then use it for color identification and have him/her click on the color that you tell him.
    (Added: Mon Jun 18 2001)
  • Feeworksheets.com
    Free worksheets to print out in the areas of colors, counting, following directions, letters, numbers, reading, shapes and more.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Games You Used to Play as a Child
    Catalog of games that you probably played as a child and may have forgotten. You don't need any special materials- just the rules, kids, parents and fun. Of course they all involve some language and motor tasks. But isn't learning supposed to be fun.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Judy and David's Online Songbook
    Singing songs is a wonderful activity to encourage expressive language skills, memorization, and use of gestures not to mention just plain having fun. Don't worry if you can't carry a tune. Find the songs you used to sing as a child and carry on the tradition.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes - Enchanted Learning Software
    Enchanted Learning Software Read nursery rhymes to your child . Have him/or help you by saying the picture. Children with word finding difficulties will find this activity fun due to the repetition and visual aids. Children who stutter may find the rhymes much easier to say.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Mousers
    Enhance your child's visual recognition and memory skills. Have them click on the feature that is different and verbalize that difference in What's Different. Have them try to match the objects under the squares like concentration in Match em up.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Spacial Concepts from Meddybemps
    Over, Under, In and Out etc. Pictures of a dog, cat, bird, turtle, and other animals show the various concepts. Ask your child to point to the animal under the ____ or tell you where the dog is. There are even pictures you can print and make into three dimensional characters to practice on real objects in your house. Put the dog under the table, in the box ect.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)
  • Vehicles language activity from Meddybemps
    Mix and match fronts and backs to create thirty-six different Cars and trucks. Ask the child to name the vehicle for expressive vocabulary skills. Talk about the different parts of the vehicle - wheels, front, back, doors, windows, etc. For receptive vocabulary skills, print out the finished vehicles and have the child point to a specific one. Point to the wheels, doors, windows, etc.
    (Added: Tue Jun 19 2001)