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  • Apraxia Kids
    Has your child recently been diagnosed with apraxia or dyspraxia of speech? Are you concerned about a child who seems to be late to start talking? Are you a teacher with an apraxic child in your classroom? Or an experienced speech language pathologist or parent wishing to become more fully informed about apraxia? If this describes you, you're at the right place! Take a look at the main topic groupings below to find out where to go from here.
    (Added: Sat Jun 16 2001)
  • Developmental Apraxia of Speech -ASHA
    Developmental apraxia of speech is a disorder of the nervous system that affects the ability to sequence and say sounds, syllables, and words. It is not due to muscular weakness or paralysis. The problem is in the brain's planning to move the body parts needed for speech (e.g., lips, jaw, tongue).
    (Added: Tue Jul 10 2001)
  • Expressive Communication Help Organization
    ECHO, the Expressive Communication Help Organization was established by parents for parents/caregivers of late-talking children diagnosed with or suspected of having Oral Motor Speech Disorders, such as apraxia, dyspraxia or dysarthria. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment in which to discuss concerns, to bounce ideas off each other and share successful strategies and resource information. We are based in the Greater Toronto area, and our group meets the second Sunday of each month. You are not alone. If you have an apraxic child, or think you have an apraxic child and would like to find out more about our support group, please contact us. http://apraxiaontario.homestead.com/
    (Added: Sun Jan 13 2002)