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  • Normal Speech Development
    The gradual acquisition of the speech sound system by Speech Pathologist Caroline Bowen.
    (Added: Wed May 01 2002)
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders - ASHA
    Although a "tongue thrust" swallow is normal in infancy, it usually decreases and disappears as a child grows. Continued forward tongue posture may cause a child to look, speak, and swallow differently than other children of the same age. Older children may become self-conscious about their appearance.
    (Added: Tue Jul 10 2001)
  • TalkBusiness-Online.com-La Rita Mason, Licensed and Certified Corporate Speech-Language Pathologist
    Step-by-step training is done via the Internet, for individuals or small groups with broadband access. This American English Consonants Course presents in-depth materials for all of the American English Consonant sounds and provides practice materials for the individual sounds through complex sentence activities and conversation. This Course also benefits American speakers frequently misunderstood, those who are often asked to repeat themselves, or those who feel they would profit from exposure to real-time models for assistance. Parents who are home schooling may wish to review these correct sound pronunciations to help with correct reading and speaking success for their children. Note: Speech-language pathologists may wish to refer clients to this course if: clients cannot afford to see you for face-to-face services in the near future, you cannot schedule clients into your caseload in a timely manner, you would like your clients to have some training before you begin working with them, or you would like to give your clients a resource for reinforcement after you have worked with them. Additionally, Talk Business-Online™ offers online courses in foreign accent modification, voice, telephone skills and the Americans with Disabilities Act from a speech, language and hearing standpoint (including an experiential training unit). The website and training courses are designed to be available to and affordable for individuals anywhere in the world, but corporate, non-profit and governmental discounts are available for one person taking all of the courses or several people taking the same course. Long-term leasing arrangements may be made. You will have a specific time frame in which you are to complete a course. There are handouts which you will be allowed to download from the website which you may use for future reference, as long you download the handouts within the time frame of your specific course. Course segments average about 20 minutes each so may be taken at your convenience.
    (Added: Sun Dec 11 2005)
  • Talking Tips - Articulation from Speech Delay.com
    Articulation refers to the actual speech sounds that make up words (i.e. "s, l, r"..), as well as how the sounds are put together to produce syllables, words, and sentences.
    (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002)
  • The sounds of speech
    Most children learn to use different speech sounds by fairly predictable ages. A four or five year old child who is distorting a sound -- saying "wabbit" for "rabbit", or "thikth" for "six", is not nearly as worrisome as if he is leaving quite a few sounds out -- saying "a-uh" for "water", or "tuh" for "cup".
    (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002)