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  • Brown's Stages
    The development of morphology and syntax by Speech Pathologist Caroline Bowen.
    (Added: Wed May 01 2002)
  • First Words Project
    FIRST WORDS Project is a model early identification and intervention program based in the Department of Communication Disorders at Florida State University. Staffed by speech-language pathologists and interdisciplinary consultants, we are funded to evaluate the communication development of children from 6 to 24 months of age in Leon County. They provide a variety of educational materials and technical support to increase the capacity of families and service providers to enhance early communication in young children.
    (Added: Thu Oct 25 2001)
  • How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?
    Every child is unique and has an individual rate of development. This chart represents, on average, the age by which most children will accomplish the listed skills. Children typically do not master all items in a category until they reach the upper age in each age range.
    (Added: Tue Jul 10 2001)
  • Normal Speech Development
    The gradual acquisition of the speech sound system by Speech Pathologist Caroline Bowen.
    (Added: Wed May 01 2002)
  • Talking Tips from Speech Delay.com
    Baby's First Communication Steps: STEP 1: Observe your child's interests...* STEP 2: Communicate on your child's level... STEP 3: Present them with language...
    (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002)
  • Wyoma Clouss' Language and the Brain
    Fascinating new research methods let us understand our brains better than ever before. Researchers can actually show us when a child's brain is forming patterns that will affect the rest of his life, using concepts like "Windows of Opportunity".
    (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002)