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Home: Art, Music,Theatre & Leisure Activities: Art for Children With Special Needs

Art, Music,Theatre & Leisure Activities: Art for Children With Special Needs

I think it is important for all children to be exposed to the fine arts because they bring about positive changes in your child that can never be measured by a test. You will see changes in their speech and language, social skills, school work, and self esteem. There's just something about using that right side of the brain that brings about positive changes. You may also be surprised to find out what your child is capable of doing.

Some organizations that provide classes in the fine arts are very accepting of students with special needs. You just have to shop around and ask other parents about their experiences. If you aren't ready for classes, then just start out by exposing your child to different types of music and play with a drum or tambourine or dance and sing along. There are of course many websites to help give you ideas to do art at home too. Your child's interests and abilities will also change over time once they have been exposed to the fine arts. Give them that gift early and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Your Pal Leslie



  • Very Special Arts
    Founded in 1974 by Jean Kennedy Smith as an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and led by Interim CEO Deborah Stuart, VSA arts is an International organization that creates learning opportunities through the arts for people with disabilities. The organization offers arts-based programs in creative writing, dance, drama, music and the visual arts implemented primarily through our vast affiliate network in 39 states and the District of Columbia, collaborators in 10 states, and 70 international affiliates in 67 countries.
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