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  • Coast Music Therapy
    San Diego-based agency specializing in music-based learning approaches for children with special needs. Site includes tips for parents and educators, in addition to the latest research.
    (Added: Mon Jan 26 2004)
  • E-Cricket: Children's Invented Songs
    As parents, we cherish memories of our child's first smiles, first words, and first steps. Our scrapbooks, bulletin boards, and refrigerators overflow with examples of children's early forays into writing, drawing, and painting. But how many of us remember our child's first song? Was it a lullaby? A nursery rhyme? A theme from a movie or TV show? Or a song of his or her own making? Chances are that most parents remember the first "real" song their child sang, but few remember his or her first invented song. Yet most children make up their own songs throughout early childhood—in the car, in the bath, and on the floor with their dolls, action figures, and stuffed toys. How can we, as parents, help foster this important aspect of musical development?
    (Added: Tue Apr 30 2002)
  • The Music Therapy Center of California
    Our company provides consulting and education for parents with children with special needs utilizing music therapy strategies. Our website includes fact sheets for various special needs, research articles and resources for parents.
    (Added: Wed Jun 01 2005)