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  • Teaching the Person With Autism HOW to DRIVE
    Author - Kathie Harrington M.A. C.C.C. SLP. Can a high functioning/Aspergers person with autism learn how to drive a car? Can they follow the rules of the road? Can they learn the language that is necessary in order to lead safe, responsible, independent lives? This informative article addresses these questions and more.
    (Added: Sat Jul 14 2001)
  • The Child with Autism
    Most infants and young children are very social creatures who need and want contact with others to thrive and grow. They smile, cuddle, laugh, and respond eagerly to games like "peek-a-boo" or hide-and-seek. Occasionally, however, a child does not interact in this expected manner. Instead, the child seems to exist in his or her own world, a place characterized by repetitive routines, odd and peculiar behaviors, problems in communication, and a total lack of social awareness or interest in others. These are characteristics of a developmental disorder called autism.
    (Added: Thu Sep 16 2004)
  • Video Teaching
    By Debbie Bleeck-Imming and Sharla Pitzen. Video teaching promotes learning through the use of audio and visual techniques that will supplement a child's education both at school and home. Videos capture their interest by utilizing a desired activity that can enhance the achievement of goals and objectives. Desired skills can be learned or reinforced by repeated viewings of the video, which increases the likeliness of skill retention.
    (Added: Wed Sep 19 2001)