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  • Choices in Deafness: A Parents' Guide to Communication Options
    by Sue Schwartz (Editor); 2nd Edition Paperback, 304 pages Published by Woodbine House November 1996 This work guides parents through the choices they must make for their child, covering conditions and treatment from both the parents' and the child's point of view. National organizations serving the deaf or hard of hearing are listed, along with contact information.
    (Added: Fri Jun 15 2001)
  • Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: A Treasury of Fun Activities toward B
    by Daria J. Medwid, Denise Chapman Weston, Darla Medwid; Paperback, 382 pages; Published by Clerc December 1, 1995; Authored by two child and family therapists, this guide covers various aspects of parenting but specifically focuses on dealing with childhood behaviors after parents have accepted their child's deafness. Offering ideas and methods that work with children aged three through 12.
    (Added: Tue Jul 03 2001)
  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights, a Children's book for ages 8+. Set on the North-East coast of England the book has a deaf HERO. Matthew saves Freddie, the bottle-nosed dolphin's, life when he is nearly blown up by a 500-pound mine. AN EXTRACT- "As the black fin lifted out of the sea Poppy screamed,"Matthew, Matthew, Matthew," as loudly as she could, but her deaf brother did not turn. Poppy ran up and touched him on the shoulder to get his attention. "Did you see it?" She knew Matthew had."
    (Added: Tue Sep 18 2001)
  • Raising and Educating a Deaf Child
    by Marc Marschark, Includes Practical Aspects of Being Deaf, Early Interactions, Communicating with Deaf Children, Going to School and much more.
    (Added: Tue Jul 03 2001)