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  • Central Auditory Processing Disorders: New Perspectives
    by Gail D., Chermak, PhD. and Frank Musiek PhD. Covers assessment and extensive information regarding management of processing disorders, basic neural science and neural processing of speech, etc.
    (Added: Fri Jun 15 2001)
  • Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills ™
    A book that turns students into confident readers in five minutes a day with these 45 phonic reading drills. Perfect for students with short attention spans, spend only five minutes a day in individual or group lessons leading your students to success. This reading approach has been proven to be very effective for students of all ages. The approach improves reading through visual and auditory learning. Students become smooth readers and improve perpetual skills. Weaverville School Dist., Ca, has five years of data showing the success of their students with Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills™. It's used in pull-out programs, special day classes, and private practices as well. Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills™ has been developed from Bonnie Terry's 27+ years of working as a learning disabilities specialist. Price: $29.95
    (Added: Fri Sep 14 2001)
  • Making Spelling Sense
    In this reproducible spelling program, students learn how to spell over 500 of the most frequently-used words in the English language through spelling patterns. By using this step-by-step method, you will be able to spell thousands more words. The method used in this book incorporates visual, auditory, and tactile modes of learning. It is phonetically- and sequentially-based. It also strengthens visual perception through puzzles and other exercises that are provided. Price: $24.95
    (Added: Fri Sep 14 2001)